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« Singing my life with his words ... »

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« Killing me softly with his song »

Да, итальянцы с удовольствием распевали эту песенную балладу.

Ornella Vanoni, OMRI (born 22 September 1934 in Milan) is one of the most credited traditional pop singers of Italy. She is known for her sophisticated pop style.

Орнелла Ванони (итал. Ornella Vanoni; 22 сентября 1934, Милан) — итальянская певица и актриса, одна из известнейших исполнителиц итальянской лёгкой музыки, чьё творчество охватывает как большой временной период с 1960-х гг. до начала XXI века, так и широкий диапазон жанров от джаза до босса-нова. Благодаря своему неподражаемому голосу и удивительному исполнительскому таланту Орнелла Ванони по праву считается одной из лучших исполнительниц итальянской песни. Великий офицер ордена За заслуги перед Итальянской Республикой (1993).

"Mi fa morire cantando" - "He kills me singing"- Ornella Vanoni - 1973


Lara Saint Paul (1973), Silvana Savorelli (b. 1946 in Asmara), professionally known as Lara Saint Paul, is an Italian singer, entertainer, impresario and record producer.

Lara Saint Paul's first public performance was in 1962 at the Festival of Sanremo in Italy. She went by the name of Tanya and performed the ballad I Colori Della Felicità. In 1973 year she released an Italian cover version of "Killing Me Softly with His Song," originally composed by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, titled "Mi fa morir cantando."

Лара Сэинт Паул - Сильвана Саворелли ( 1946 г.р.) - итальянская певица.

"Mi fa morire cantando" - " He kills me singing" -1973


Giuseppa Marcella Bella (born in Catania, June 18, 1952), professionally known as Marcella Bella, is an Italian singer. Her brothers Antonio and Salvatore Bella are famous musicians, and her brother Gianni Bella is another popular singer-songwriter who has composed several songs for her.In 1972, she took part in Festival di Sanremo with the song Montagne verdi, and she participated in more musical events later. She has sung versions of her songs and original themes in German, English or Spanish.

"Mi fa morire cantando" - " He kills me singing" -1973


Inger Lise Rypdal. Norway.

Inger Lise Rypdal (born 14 December 1949 in Lena, Norway) is a Norwegian singer and actress in many different genres: pop, rock, theater, film and musical.

"Sangen han sang var min egen" / "The song he sang was my own" - 1973


Els Himma (sünninimega Els-Reet; sündinud 23. jaanuaril 1940 Tallinnas) on eesti džässilaulja. Els saavutas rahvusvahelise taseme laulmises iseõppimise teel. Els Himma lauljakarjäär algas üsna noorelt.Ta alustas laulmist ansamblis Kevad /1962-71/. Esines Tallinna varietees "Viru" /1973-82/ ja "Tallinn" /1984-88/. Koos Aldo Meristo Trioga esines hotellis "Olympia" /1989-91/. Osalenud muusikafilmides "Vana habe ".

Элс Химма - несравненная – знаменитая эстонская певица , знаменитая джазовая прима и солистка таллиннского варьете «Виру». тоже с успехом исполнила эту песню на эстонском языке в 1974 году .

"Millest sa elad ja hingad"/ "Of what you live and breathe" -1974

Joanna - Brazilian female singer.

Джоанна - Бразильская певица исполнила версию этой песни в 1991 году.

"Morrendo de amor"- "Dying of love" -1991

Spanish flamenco singer Pitingo.

Antonio Pitingo was born in 1980 in Huelva, a city in Spain's southern Andalusia region. His love for flamenco comes from his family and friends, all of whom are from C?diz and Huelva. He sang as a child, but at age 14, began to take flamenco cante seriously, with his favorite forms being Fandango, Malague?a, Granaina, Solea and Buler?a. Among his favorite male flamenco singers (cantaores) are Caracol, Tom?s Pav?n, El Carbonerillo, El Sevillano, Camar?n de la Isla, and Enrique Morente. He began to sing professionally in 2004, yet his voice has a very old echo that comes from deep within him. He also has a tremendous affinity for old flamenco songs (cantes). He goes to the roots of the cantes, modifies and adapts them to his own voice, thereby transforming them into something more personal. His love for the cante of the golden years and the privilege of having a mind that truly understands the soul of flamenco music make him one of the genre's current stars.

Испанский певец фламенко - Питинго.

Антонио Питинго родился в 198о году в городе Уэльва , в южной части автономного сообщества Андалусия.


Pandora was a female Mexican singing trio.
The original line-up consisted of sisters Isabel Lascurain and Mayte Lascurain and their cousin Fernanda Meade. Meade left the group in May 1989 to pursue a solo career, returning to the group in 1997; during this time, her place was taken by Liliana Aboroa.[1]Pandora's music can be classified as Latin Pop, though some of their later albums feature much more traditional Mexican composition. Pandora borrows heavily from other performers and songwriters. The trio has covered many songs of Juan Gabriel, Manuel Alejandro, and Hernaldo Zúñiga. These covers make up a large part of their performance repertoire.Their signature song is a composition by singer-songwriter Hernaldo Zúñiga titled "¿Cómo te va mi amor?" (Eng.: "How Are You, My Love?") which was recently included on the VH1 countdown of the 100 Best Songs of the 80s in Spanish at number 16. Pandora peaked at number one in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks in 1993 with their rendition of "Without You", titled "Desde el Día Que Te Fuiste", taken from their cover album Ilegal.

Mузыкальное трио "Пандора".

Pandora - "Matándome Suavemente" - " Killing Me Softly With His Song".


Пели её не только испанцы, мексиканцы, но и немцы и поляки.

Manuela was a German composer, guitarist and singer.
She worked first of all in a factory and later became a lead singer in many bands. She was discovered in 1962 in a Berlin nightclub. A year later she made the German cover-version "Blame it on the Bossa-Nova" (Eydie Gorme). She went to Hollywood to study English with actress Kim Novak. She made a come-back in the middle of the 80s with "Blame it on the Bossa-Nova", "Ich gehe noch zur Schule", "Schwimmen lernt man in See", "Schneeman", Küsse untern Regenbogen", "Monsieur Dupont", "Wenn es Nacht wird in Harlem", "Auf der Stufen zur Akropolis", "Seemann-Sailor" and "Wenn ich erst wieder Boden spür?".
13 February 2001, Berlin, Germany (cancer of the throat)

"Etwas in mir wurde traurig"- "Something inside me became sad".


Anna Jantar-Kukulska, name at birth: Anna Maria Szmeterling, (b. June 10, 1950, Poznań – d. March 14, 1980, Warsaw) was a Polish singer and the mother to Natalia Kukulska. She was born in a Polish family of Jewish descent. She debuted in 1973 at the Polish Song Festival in Opole with "Najtrudniejszy Pierwszy Krok". Her husband Jarosław Kukulski composed many of her songs that became hits. She died in a plane crash on March 14, 1980 near Okecie Airport in Warsaw.

Anna Jantar-Kukulska Анна Янтар ( Anna Maria Szmeterling, 10 июня 1950г, Познань – 14 марта 1980, Варшава) была популярной польской певицой (мать Натальи Кукульской).Окончила Университет им Адама Мицкевича в Познани.Начала свою карьеру в 1968 году с песней Po ten kwiat czerwony. Год спустя стала ведущей вокалисткой группы Waganci. Самая популярная песня в ее исполнении Co ja w tobie widziałam . Ярослав Кукульский Jarosław Kukulski, за которого она вышла замуж 11 апреля 1971, был также членом этой группы.В 1972 начала свою сольную карьеру как Анна Янтар. В 1973 приняла участие в национальном польском фестивале песни в Ополе с песней Najtrudniejszy pierwszy krok ("Первый шаг самый трудный").Ее муж Ярослав Кукульский написал много песен для Анны
Трагически погибла в авиакатастрофе 14 марта 1980 года .

"Zabijasz mnie swoją piosenką"-"You're killing me with your song"-Anna Jantar-Kukulska


Во Франции песня тоже была несказанно популярна благодаря знаменитому французскому певцу Gilbert Montagne.

Gilbert Montagne (born 28 December,1951 in Paris) is a French musician, both a pianist and organist, as well as a singer. Blind from birth, he is best remembered for his international hit "The Fool", which was a number 1 single across Europe in 1971. In France he is still a popular albums and concert artist, having toured with the likes of Johnny Hallyday.

Gilbert Montagne - " Elle Chantait Ma Vie En Musique " - 1973

The Fugees — авторитетная американская хип-хоп-группа, которая в середине 1990-х способствовала более тесной интеграции хип-хопа с другими музыкальными направлениями. Их музыка представляла собой уникальное сочетание хип-хопа с элементами джаза, ритм-энд-блюза и регги.

Песня получила совершенно новое звучание в 1996 году , фактически - новую жизнь.

The Fugees .

The Fugees version.

Hip hop group The Fugees covered the song in 1996 on their album The Score, with Lauryn Hill singing the lead vocals. Their version, titled "Killing Me Softly," became a hit, reaching number two on the U.S. airplay chart, and had similar success in the UK, reaching number one, becoming 1996's best selling single in the country.

The Fugees - " Killing me softly " - 1996


И вот как она совсем недавно прозвучала в исполнении певицы, о которой весь прошедший год судачили во всех уголках Земного шара.

Susan Boyle.

Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 1 April 1961) is a Scottish singer who came to international public attention when she appeared as a contestant on reality TV programme Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables. Her first album was released in November 2009 and debuted as the number one best-selling CD on charts around the globe.

Сьюзан Бойл (англ. Susan Boyle; род. 1 апреля 1961, Блэкберн, Западный Лотиан, Шотландия) — безработная жительница Шотландии, самостоятельно занимавшаяся пением и выполнявшая добровольную работу в церкви. Стала известна благодаря участию в шоу «Britain's Got Talent (англ.)» 11 апреля 2009 года

Susan Boyle - "Killing me softly with his song" - 2009



Уф ... если честно - умаялась.

Вот ещё список исполнителей
(для кого не нашлось места на страничке, ибо - умаялась ) :

1 Killing Me Softly With His Song Lori Lieberman 1972
2 Killing Me Softly With His Song Anne Murray 1973
3 Killing Me Softly With His Song Woody Herman 1973
4 Killing Me Softly With His Song Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 1973
5 Killing Me Softly With Her Song Bobby Goldsboro 1973
6 Killing Me Softly With Her Song John Holt 1973
7 Killing Me Softly with Her Song Johnny Mathis 1973
8 Killing Me Softly With His Song Perry Como 1973
9 Killing Me Softly With His Song Shirley Bassey 1973
10 Killing Me Softly With His Song The Ventures 1973
11 Killing Me Softly With His Song Rusty Bryant 1973
12 Killing Me Softly With His Song Tim Weisberg 1973
13 Killing Me Softly With His Song Vikki Carr May 1973
14 Killing Me Softly With His Song Lynn Anderson June 1973
15 Killing Me Softly With His Song Roberta Flack August 1973
16 Killing Me Softly With His Song Engelbert Humperdinck 1974
17 Killing Me Softly With Her Song Andy Williams 1974
18 Killing Me Softly With His Song Mike Auldridge 1974
19 Killing Me Softly Petula Clark 1974
20 Killing Me Softly The George Shearing Quintet 1974
21 Killing Me Softly With His Song Charlie Byrd 1974
22 Killing Me Softly With His Song The Les Humphries Singers 1975
23 Killing Me Softly With His Song Hampton Hawes 1976
24 Killing Me Softly With His Song Cleo Laine & John Williams 1976
25 Killing Me Softly With His Song Mina 1985
26 Killing Me Softly Al B. Sure! May 3, 1988
27 Killing Me Softly With His Song Donald Brown 1989
28 Killing Me Softly Linda Imperial 1991
29 Killing Me Softly Ron Sanfilippo 1994
30 Killing Me Softly Luther Vandross 1994
31 Killing Me Softly Michael Chapdelaine 1995
32 Killing Me Softly With His Song The Fugees 1996
33 Killing Me Softly With His Song Mahogany 1996
34 Killing Me Softly With His Song Victoria Abril 1998
35 Killing Me Softly With His Song Joe Augustine January 27, 1998
36 Killing Me Softly With His Song The BB Band 1999
37 Killing Me Softly Anthony Arizaga June 20, 2000
38 Killing Me Softly Hank Marvin 2002
39 Killing Me Softly With His Song Eric Hansen March 26, 2002
40 Killing Me Softly With His Song Kimberly Caldwell 2003
41 Killing Me Softly Raymond Jones April 27, 2004
42 Killing Me Softly Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass February 8, 2005

A eсли кому не лень, можно сходить по славной этой ссылочке,
там - множество вариантов этой песни.